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Restaurant Chain “Mirzaani”

It’s already four years, since “Mirzaani” successfully exercises its business at Georgian market. Today the chain includes 3 Restaurants.

“Mirzaani” offers three kinds of beer of own production and kvass brewed according to its own receipt. Restaurant Chain has four different menus and is distinguished with wide choice of dishes.

The company became famous since very beginning of its activity as in the field of food quality as of service quality and in the first year of functioning, it was awarded the title of “The successful new name”. In 2011 the new recognition was obtained – “The contribution made in building of the country, devotion to Georgian national traditions and charity”.

“Mirzaani” was the first offering the prefabricated beer “Wheat” its clients, which is still very popular. In 2012, firstly in Georgia, the beer ”Smoked” was brewed. A lot of unprecedented and interested events have been arranged by the Company.

The company priorities are:

• Employment

• Strategic development

• Charity

It is worth to be noted that the special team staffed from professionals ensuring professional training for personnel enables employed people to raise their level of qualification or even master the new profession. Exactly for this reason, Restaurant Chain “Mirzaani” is proud with its service quality which is widely recognized by its clients.

In accordance with the strategic plan of the company, the chain will be increased in future and cover other, densely populated districts of Tbilisi as well as the other regions.

Restaurant Chain “Mirzaani” pays the great importance to charity and considers that all companies functioning in Georgia have to be involved in this process. Its governance team considers that flaunting of charity is not necessary, that is why we only note that the company will continue the active working in this field as to give assistance to socially unprotected part of our society.

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